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How have I lived in the area for this long and never checked this place out???? Had the Capri sub (italian) and am still in love. House made sausages for pairing with cheese (or on their own) are also delicious. Home made marinara, meatballs ... cash only but will definitely keep going back ... with cash!!

Thomas C.

I have died and gone to Italian foodie heaven. Run by a lovely Sicilian couple this is the Italian food store that Eataly will never be( hear me Mario Batali!). They make their own pasta, marinara, sandwiches and even sausage. Great Italian imports too!. Very friendly nice people. This should be a destination even if you don't live in the area!. I will be bac
Miriam B.
Nonnas meat sauce is out of this world. It's around the corner from us and I no longer buy or attempt to make my own sauce bc it's just not worth it. The sandwiches are great, too. And pick up a ball of homemade mozzarella. You'll never buy it from the store again. I just love places that have been around for decades. Shop local. Now I just need nonnas recipe...


Still a solid five stars with me. Went there today and ordered a roast beef sandwich. I will say that a little more beef would have been desirable - but the bread it was on was fantastic. And roasted red peppers too - quite a treat. 

Of course I picked up 5lbs of Cheese Ravioli for intermittent cooking at home and the obligatory aged provolone. Add to that a package of Italian Meatballs and I'll be living large with the Italian food at home in the coming weeks.

Rob W

Stopped by on the way to the in-laws for risotto ingredients and some snacks. With Italian food, there is so much available even at the standard grocery store, but this place is worth a stop even for those not so knowledgeable of Italian specialties. They have good prices on giardiniera. Staff was friendly and helpful.

Nessie V

This place is the perfect example of one of those old fashioned neighborhood places that is family owned and operated. There aren't too many little shops like this around but when you come across them, you know that they are true gems because the people who work there are the people who own it, and they truly care about everything they have to offer. I grew up going to Capri with my parents on Saturday mornings. We would always buy ham, salami and provolone for sandwiches as well as the small loaves of Italian bread for sub sandwiches and the AMAZING, life-changing marinated eggplant! We always had their homemade frozen ravioli on hand in the basement freezer as well as a selection of the marinated olives and mushrooms from the deli case.  I have to admit I have not been inside their new location which is directly next door to their old location... but I'm sure that everything is just as wonderful as I remember it. They also make sub sandwiches available to pre- order or order in the store, and they are truly delicious!


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